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For many years, athletics relied heavily on their schools to fund sports. But today, thanks primarily to television, sports have become massive revenue generators. At the same time, public universities have seen their funding plummet. It's time to flip the script; one hand helps the other.

Jay Rosenstein

Peabody Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Professor of Cinema Studies Journalism

March is a busy time for high school juniors and their families. Here are our March college readiness tips.

Rebecca Joseph

Associate Professor, California State University, Los Angeles

Those who continue to prepare will likely carry this work ethic throughout their careers. And, for the players who simply stop after the Combine, how many underperform, underachieve or don't make the team?

With only a couple days to game time, the clock is ticking on your big game party prep! Is your gym home ready for a crowd of cheering party-goers and guests to come get their game on?


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When the University of Oregon and Ohio State University football teams squared off in the national championship game earlier this month, the undisputed winner was Nike.

Kai Sato

Co-founder COO, FieldLevel, Inc.

Virtually every college football head coach in America, and most assistants too, receive bonuses when their teams qualify for a bowl game. For the head coaches, the bonuses sometimes hit six figures.

Jay Rosenstein

Peabody Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Professor of Cinema Studies Journalism

One of history's great college football stories has just been written. In my mind, it has massive implications for how one thinks about life and success. Appropriately, it occurred in the first year of the College Football Playoffs, which I nicknamed "January Justice."

David Bradford

Speaker, CEO/Chairman, University Professor, Networking expert, Former CEO of HireVue and Fusion-io. Author of "Up Your Game: 6 Timeless Principles for Networking Your Way To the Top."

On Monday, Baribeau will become the first in-game host of a College Football Playoff National Championship Game. For Baribeau, though, this isn't her first rodeo in covering a college football national championship.

Alicia Jessop

Professor, University of Miami; Attorney; Founder,

That's it, simple. The only one you're trying to make better is you, the only one you're trying to beat is you. You can't move forward by looking sideways. Take a look at the things that have been beating you up in the "locker room" and see how you can take them out.

Alex Kip

Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Writer, Survivor

Notwithstanding a much more accurate national title setup, the College Football Playoff still must go one step further. An 8-team tournament is still a far better option and might have possibly gifted us a different title game, but we'll never know.

Michigan will love Harbaugh. He has a strong and consistent plan for how to build a program. He will win over parents and players and be a formidable recruiter. He will attract great assistant coaches. He loves his alma mater and will represent it well.

Dave Revsine, the Big Ten Network's lead studio host, stopped by The Interview Show to talk about his book on the beginnings of college football, The Opening Kickoff -- and how the game has changed and remained the same since then.

Mark Bazer

Host, 'The Interview Show'; Syndicated humor columnist

Big-time college sports is a classic case of stringers economic and social injustice bred of a plantation mentality disguised by the term "student-athlete." It's past time for the amateur myth to be blown up in college athletics, just as it was for Olympic athletes.

Ken Reed

Author, How We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan

It's only appropriate that we'd end the year with the Bitcoin Bowl. And it's quintessentially American to celebrate a new and disruptive technology with a televised sporting event from a massive, air conditioned arena in the subtropics.

Robert Moran

Robert Moran leads Brunswick Insight, writes and speaks on emerging trends and serves on the Board of Directors for the World Future Society.

During this last week, emotions ran high for high school seniors. Many couldn't focus on critically important final exams or projects, because they were awaiting college admissions decisions as dozens of colleges across America released early decision or early action notifications.

Rebecca Joseph

Associate Professor, California State University, Los Angeles

The new playoff bracketing has been kind to Rose Bowl ticket prices, nearly doubling since last season and more than tripling since 2013.

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